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Pretty Productive August, 864 Miles

Aug2019Wow, August has come and gone, and with that, a very productive month from the numbers.  I haven’t checked what my largest mileage totals for one month is, but this ranks pretty high, 864 miles.  What’s interesting is I didn’t have an organized ride that I went on, and I didn’t even crack a century on one ride.

One thing that helped was this contest that my company had for its employees.  It’s actually geared for running or walking, to see what the highest number of steps you can achieve in a two week period.  They had a formula for bikes, where for each 3 miles, you get 2000 steps.  So that encouraged me to ride more than the usual 10 mile per direction on a commute.  It also encouraged me to ride every day for this two week stretch.

Other than that, I was able to crank out 40+ miles on weekends where I was still on call.  So with my usual weekend rides, plus the on call rides, I was able to achieve a healthy number.  A lot of this was in preparation for a double, which I later found out I wouldn’t be able to do, due to PTO’s taken by other members in my team.  Oh well.

How Did I Get That Many Miles In?

It’s end of July, and I decided to look at my Strava stats … Whoa. 782 miles in the month of July? I didn’t ride a really long day … I think the longest was 55 miles, but I guess if you do enough 50+ mile days, they will add up. I didn’t ride every day, but I did keep it consistent, so I think that may have had more of a factory.

I will say that having Tour de France coverage in the morning did prevent me from doing longer morning rides, but I guess as long as you keep doing them, it does count for a lot

What … It’s May Already???

Wow, the month of April really flew passed me.  It is already May?  I remember being all excited about April, with the 30daysofbiking … but then I had some family obligations (dad having knee surgery, having to sell his condo).  Family obligations took a lot of my time away … plus, having to work on call many weekends, it didn’t give me much time to ride.  With all this, this must have been the lowest mileage I’ve ever recorded on Strava.  Only 394 miles.  Good thing I didn’t sign up for any Strava challenges.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 6.17.06 AM

I am in the middle of a 4 weekend layoff from biking on the weekend.  It started with a trip to LA, two consecutive on call weekends, then another visit to LA.  On my visit to LA, I don’t really have anywhere to store my bike, so bringing it with me is out of the question.  Plus, my time while down there is very busy, with no time for biking.

Here’s to a more productive month of May … I’ll be happy if I can get over 500 miles in May.  Who knows what endurance shape I’m in too.

Almost Biked Every Day in February

February has gone, and it’s even a leap month, and there were 29 days of the month (not 30, and not 31).  I was a little surprised they didn’t have any pledge like 29 days of biking.  They do have a 30 days of biking in April and September.  It may have been more achievable, except for those living with massive snow (although there are some I know that will).  Well, for this past February, I was able to bike 28 of the 29 days.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.24.39 AM

Since I haven’t been able to do many long rides on the weekend, I figure the daily rides should make up for some of that.  Well, let’s see what my totals were for the month … 666 miles.  Hmm … is that an omen?  Is that a bad thing?  Should I have just biked around the block for another mile?  From a statistical perspective, I think it’s cool … but that is still  a respectable total for the month.  Imagine if I had a double in there?

Getting the Mileage Back up Again

It’s been awhile since I last blogged on here … Sorry about that.  I’ve had a bunch of other things going on.

I think I’ve finally been able to get some consistency in my riding (recovering from an accident in March, which took me out for 2 months, and a little more time, from a fall where I broke my fall with my left hand/wrist).  It hasn’t been a really productive year so far, but I am glad to report that the month of August reveal a 700+ mile month.

It’s a bit strange, as I compiled all this much mileage, but I didn’t really have a 70+ mile day in the entire month.  The largest was a solo 62 mile ride, but I guess all the medium distance rides do add up.

I was able to get in 780 miles, and I wasn’t even training for an event.  I don’t think I’ll have any centuries or double centuries lined up.  My weekend schedules are so up in the air these days, it’s hard to schedule, and train for something.

November Done … What Happened to My Monday Rides?

November is done, and looking at the stats, it’s definitely less than previous months 440 miles.  It is definitely a sign that it is off season, but this month, I was working a Tuesday thru Saturday schedule, meaning my weekends were Sunday-Monday.

A number of things contributed to not riding on Monday … first, it was driving day back from LA, another was I had a mid-day meeting that day, and due to scheduling, the last weekend, I didn’t get the Monday off.  What’s up with that?  Oh, that was Thanksgiving weekend, so maybe that weekend was considered more of a holiday?  Needless to say, no matter how much HR will say that your Sunday-Monday will be like your normal weekend off … it really isn’t.  Oh well … I guess that’s the aftereffect of working in customer service in a global economy.

Final stats:  439.9 miles, 24349 ft climbing.  Mostly short commute rides, and looking back, longest one was 44 miles.