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Garmin 500 Losing Data

The most frustrating thing is when you use your GPS to track the progress of your ride, and then you download to your PC to refer to it later, and when you download, there is no data.  Damn.  Well, this … Continue reading

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Forget the iPad … I went for a Netbook

With all the hype with the iPad, I couldn’t fathom me using it as my own tool, for whatever I needed.  Plus, if I ever wanted to use it for work, I couldn’t see myself using it as a legitimate … Continue reading

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3CDaemon Security Issues or Windows Firewall Issue?

I was recently trying to configure syslog on my Windows XP PC … typically, what I do is on the firewall, have it send logs to an external syslog server … that being my PC.  So I was trying a … Continue reading

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Wide Variance in Altitude Gains using same gpx Data File

I’ve been using my Garmin Edge 305 for a while, and I’ve always wondered how accurate the elevation gain is on the various applications used to track gps data.  Using the same data, shouldn’t the elevation gain be the same, … Continue reading

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Almost RMA’d my Garmin

My HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) on my Garmin gave out a while ago, so I have been training without knowing how my HR is doing on the climbs.  I figured it was because I put a heavy dumb bell on … Continue reading

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Javascript Exploit Fixed on All OS’s … Except Mac OS

I’m not sure if I divulged this, but I am an avid Mac OS fan. No, I’m not the creative type, but most of my computer knowledge was done via Mac. My very first Mac was a Mac Plus (never … Continue reading

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TV Goes Digital — So WHAT!!!!!

So I guess everyone knows that TV broadcasts are going digital. They are making such a big deal about this. I started to think about this … and aside from my passions for cycling (yay Versus), and occasional programs on … Continue reading

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