Getting Used to Quarantine Life

Ok, so it’s not a complete lockdown, but would quarantine be a correct word?  I mean it’s not like we’re stuck indoors with lock and chain.  We can go out and do things, but with restrictions.

At least here in California (depending if you call it shelter in place, or stay at home), we have a lot more liberties compared to what China, Italy, Spain had to go through.  We still can go out and do “essential activities”.  When I first heard this term, I thought perhaps we needed some “get out of jail” card or something like that.  No, it’s more of the honor system, and frankly, a lot of people do not have much honor.

I am fortunate enough to have the flexibility of working from home.  It’s actually what I do when I’m on call, so it’s like being on call every day.

One of the essential activities is recreation.  So the routine for me, is get on the road by 6 am, ride until about 9 am (which is when my shift starts.  That actually works out pretty well, as long as my body is in the mood, and can wake up that early.  By getting on the road that early, it assures that not many people are on the road, and it limits the likelihood of riding through a crowd.  Even if I do approach someone, I have my bandana face covering, that I can pull up when needed.  You may ask, what if someone comes up from behind me and passes me?  Well, that’s what the third eye mirror on my glasses is for.  It may not be cool looking, but it is functional.

My riding has gone way down, but that’s really to abide by the guidelines suggested by the CDC.  Technically, they want to restrict the area where the spread is, so I typically limit my ride to < 40 miles.  However, I know others don’t abide by that.  It starts getting political, and I just don’t want to go there, so I just stay local, and within my own county.  In San Mateo County, they did restrict cycling to 5 miles, and more recently, they bumped it up to 10 miles.  However, I know not many cyclists follow this.

Anyways, I know it has been awhile since I last blogged on here … I just didn’t feel in the mood for it, and I’m sure you’ve read tons of other blogs, and I just didn’t want to add to the fray.

2 thoughts on “Getting Used to Quarantine Life

  1. Bob D

    I’m just the opposite, when stay at home first happened I rode a LOT more. I didn’t have to commute so I got back two hours a day. At first the roads were like a bike path. There just wasn’t any traffic but slowly it ratcheted back up.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      When I wrote this blog, that was at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then, I have ridden 7 double centuries, so it hasn’t curtailed my riding (thankfully)


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