So Long Fitbit

I’ve had a couple of fitbits, so I know how the ecosystem for that product works.  I was about ready to go out for a ride, and I was wearing my Fitbit Surge.  Then all of a sudden, I felt the watch band slip … took a closer look, and I find the design of the watch band is … well stupid.  It looked like the glue holding the permanent band failed.


So I did some research, and it looked like the Fitbit Charge 3 should be a good replacement.  Nice sleek design, and seemed to be the flagship of the Fitbit line, moving forward.  So I got it, and the interface looked pretty good, and pretty easy to use.  I try connecting to my phone, and I could never get it to sync up.  Sure, it detected the watch, but I could never get it to sync.

I did a whole bunch of Google searches, and I wasn’t the only one experiencing the problem.  If you do a Google search on Fitbit Charge 3 sync to Android, or even to iPhone, you will see many threads regarding the same problem.  To have your flagship product, unable to sync up to the phone?  I mean, that makes the whole fitness tracking thing useless.

So I decided to look to Garmin.  I know I’ve had some GPS and accuracy issues with Garmin on the bike computer, but maybe the fitness tracking watch will be different.  Based on dcrainmaker’s reviews, the Vivoactive 3 seemed to be a good overall value.  I didn’t need a watch with music, so I just went with the Vivactive 3.


Since I already have a couple of Garmin Edge devices in Garmin Connect, adding the Vivoactive should be a breeze, and since I’m used to using the software, it is an easy transition.

So long Fitbit.  Good luck, and hope you fix your sync’ing issues.  All the great features you have doesn’t help a whole lot if you can’t sync to a phone, which has all the tracking features you need.

3 thoughts on “So Long Fitbit

  1. idlecyclist

    I also have a Vivoactive 3 having upgraded from v1. It can have its own issues at times but I’m very happy with it. I wear mine with the button away from my hand. I found the HR more accurate when cycling. My glove had a tendency to lift the edge, sometimes also pausing the recording. The altimeter intake is also there and seems to work better away from a glove. Elevation is the only major issue I’ve had but three are ways to get around it to prevent and overwrite inaccuracies.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Nice. Thanks for the great feedback. I’ll definitely try changing the button (I have it currently configured on my left hand, with the button towards my hand). I don’t anticipate to use it for altitude, but I think it would be interesting to compare its readings to what I get from my Edge on my bike.

  2. debster822

    Good choice; I’m on year 2 with mine. I’ve had few issues with it, and am pleased that when it updates, you don’t lose your non-backed-up data (an issue with earlier versions of Garmin vivo-thingies). I have Apple products except for my Garmins (cyclocomputer & vivoactive 3) and considered going to Apple watch, then realized I’d no longer have Garmin Connect to store all my biometrics and activities. I hope you enjoy your new Garmin.


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