Making the Best out of being On Call

Ever since a department re-org, my weekends have been pretty crappy. You see, they moved two products that I support away from me, and they laid off 3 of 5 in my staff. That left 2 if us left, so for weekend support, the on call weekend rotation changed from 5 to 2. That means I’m on call every other weekend.

I volunteer of calls for the product I do support is extremely low on the weekend. Most times, there are no calls. However, I still need to be available, just in case something happens. So I need to be within cell phone range.

With that in mind, I can do flat rides, but not many where it’s up in the mountains, like Hamilton, Diablo, or Umunhum.

I was able to knock out a good 50 mile ride today, so that’s something. At least I’m still able to maintain a 150+ mile week

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