Where Can You Get a $6.75 Ticket to See a Movie?

I didn’t bring my bike with me this weekend, so I had to spend some time away, so I thought I’d duck in to see a movie. Crazy Rich Asians was showing in West Covina, and the web site advertised $6.75. I thought, this must be a typo.

I go there, and yes, the admission is $6.75. Wow, that is amazing. And this is not some second quality flick, this is the best selling movie for the past three weekends. Damn, and the place looks really good too. They have a large courtyard with room for a band. They don’t have anything like this in the Bay Area … unless of course, they close off the entire downtown area.

I hardly ever go see movies, and this prompted me to see movie on consecutive days. Crazy Rich Asians, and Black Klansman. All in all, a great movie seeing weekend.

Oh the movies? Both were excellent. Crazy Rich Asians is pretty important, as it is the first all asian cast movie in about 25 years … last one was Joy Luck Club, which I totally enjoyed. This one was up there too, although it was more of a chick flick, screwball comedy. I could relate to all the weird characters in the wedding (as some of my 1st and 2nd cousins are like that). The backstory behind the mother, and not knowing who the true father is … although that didn’t happen with my family, the story certainly has parallels to mine.

The second move, Black Klansman, is great. It is a bit political, and even though it takes place in the 70s, they do have a bit of it at the end, that reminds us of what happened in Charlottesville, SC in 2017 … basically stating that the same problem is occurring today, so that story is relevant even today.

So that’s my quick review of the two movies. Have a great Labor Day everyone!

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