Summer is Here and I’m Not Heat Trained

So far, it hasn’t been even a hint of June.  It’s been overcast a lot lately … to the point where I had to wear arm warmers and knee warmers for my morning commute.  I even had to wear arm warmers on my afternoon commute.

Well, finally, we got a dose of summer … to the point where even in Sunnyvale, we got triple digits:


Just by coincidence, I decided to ride with Western Wheelers … the ride was going to Half Moon Bay, but it was so friggin’ hot (climbing up Kings Mountain), that I had no desire to go down the hill (even though it would be much cooler).  I would have to climb up the hill, and it would probably have been in the 90s while I was climbing.  No thanks.  My body was not conditioned for this heat.

What a big change from last week … I had to alter my ride at Lexington Dam, because it was cold, foggy, and windy.  And this weekend, temps were in the 100s … I just wonder how hot it was inland.

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