Living Through Smoke

What a difference one week makes. Last weekend was a picture perfect post card weekend (although I didn’t take advantage of it, due to some bike mechanical issues). As you probably know, California (specifically Wine Country area), has been under record brush fires. Lots of homes destroyed, and yes, there were a number of deaths. This meant the clean air we are normally used to, is now smoke filled.

Each morning, I look on the news, just to see what the air quality is. It is not good … in the North Bay, it is very unhealthy, while down here in Silicon Valley, it’s not as bad, but still, unhealthy. It’s so bad that I had to drive in the last 3 days.

Yesterday, as I walked outside of my building, I could smell the smoke. It smelled like a crowd of a 100 folks, all smoking cigars, in a small confined area. It’s similar to being in a smoking room.

I normally would be out riding, and I normally don’t let anything get in my way of my bike ride. Rain won’t stop me, severe cold won’t stop me … however, I think I found the following items can stop me from my ride:

  1. Severe thunder/lightning storm
  2. Errands immediately after work … or a hot date!
  3. Mechanical Issue
  4. Smoke from a local out of control fire

Now what will this mean for the weekend? The air seemed okay today, but I hear the wind will shift some time tonight/tomorrow. Maybe I’ll stop by Lowe’s and see if they have any masks.

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