1000 Mile Month

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Ever since I’ve been logging my cycling miles on Strava, I can never recall actually exceeding 1000 miles in a month .. well I finally did it.  That 31st day really did help, as I had 30 miles left on a Monday, which was quite doable.

I guess having 4 days off during the 4th of July holidays did help, and the 100 miles on Mines and Hamilton did kick start it.  I just kept up the miles during the weekend.  I tried keeping the miles up on the weekend, to near 100 miles if possible,, and then of course, there is the commute miles.  Even when I did all those double centuries, I didn’t exceed it, so it’s strange that I accumulated so much this time around.  I did skip my visit to LA this month, so that may have had something to do with it.

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One Response to 1000 Mile Month

  1. Rick Burneson says:

    I got over 1,000 miles this month too but mostly because of a week-long cycling tour in the Cascade Mountains.

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