One Long Day

This was one of those long days, and not one that will never end.  No, this was one busy day.

It started out bad … Two of our guys in the East coast were going to be out, so being the responsible one, I said I can come in a little earlier.  That means a 5 am commute … Yeehaa.  My back tire has a slow leak, and I didn’t feel like switching bikes, or God forbid that I would drive in.  So I just pump it up all the way.

Then, I find out I have to be in a Maintenance Window for troubleshooting for a customer (and I have no history behind this case at all).  Oh, I also had a handover case, as well as a big customer from a case that I own that I needed follow up on.  All this happening from 6-11 am.  

Team Meeting is at 11 am, so I went right into that, after finishing up my Maintenance Window call.

Then, lunch … Well, I ate lunch while working another call.

Then, IT is really cracking down on disk quota abusers, and I’m one of them.  I find out I’m using 65 GB out of a 5 GB disk quota.  After much searching, I finally find out I had an archive folder that was 60 GB in length.  Maybe that will resolve my login access problems, but no …. Remember, this is the long day.

Then, I finally write a handover of my case for follow up after my shift is over.  I do the write up, pack everything up, then suddenly realize I didn’t update the bug.  Turns out no big was filed, so I had to go create that.  Finally, get to leave and by this time it’s 4 pm.
I go retrieve my bike, and remember how I had that slow leak?  Well it’s flat now.  Ok, now to change the tube, and my tire iron breaks.  Oh I just want to be home now.

Luckily I found the culprit that caused the leak … A tiny piece of wire that got lodged in the wheel.

I was not in the mood for an extended after work ride, so just took the quickest way back home.

That was one long day!!!

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