Weird Go Pro Problem

I recently updated my firmware on my Go Pro, and then weird things started happening.  I was using GoPro Quik, and soon after the update, Quik was not able to load any media.  No matter what I try, it’s stuck on “Loading media”.  Well, I figured there was some application problem on my Mac.

Then, on the camera, I noticed that in some instances, the camera would get stuck in some mode, where I see blinking red led on the camera.  Usually that’s an indication that it’s recording, but when I look at the time recorded, it says 1:01.  Try shutter button, and nothing.  Press mode, and it says “Hilite already tagged”.  Huh?  I know there is a tagging feature when using the mobile app, but I never used it.  Basically, I couldn’t stop recording, change modes, or even turn the damn thing off.  When trying to import via USB, it didn’t detect any files.  Weird.

Finally, I figured by keeping the mode button depressed for about 15 seconds or longer, it would eventually turn off.  Now when I import it did detect some files.  I needed to quickly import them, before my camera got into that weird state again.  Then, from my smartphone app, I decided to see what option there is to format the microSD.  Hmm … no format, just erase all files.  So that I did, and seems like I’m able to record more than 1:01 now.  Well, we’ll see.

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