So Far I’m Liking Google Fi

This year, I decided to sign up for Google Fi.  You may ask, what is Google Fi?  Well, the biggest benefit is that it attempts to latch onto cell signal from a number of different carriers (including Sprint and T-Mobile, to name a few).  It also charges you for only the data that you use.  So what you do is you specify how much data you think you are going to use, and whatever you don’t use, they will credit you back the following month.

Pretty cool, eh?  There is one catch … you have to have a Google phone, which includes Nexus 5x, Nexus 6p, Nexus 6, and the Pixel phones.  I just happen to have a Nexus 6, so great.  They send me a SIMM card, and fill out a particular form on their web site, and voila … they transfer service from my existing T-Mobile to the Google Fi.

They charge $10/GB data used.  I found out the maximum I ever use is ~ 2 GB/month.  Just to be on the safe side, I specified 3 GB.  For the first month, I ended up using 2.08 GB, and then I saw a credit of $9.43 for unused data.  That’s really cool.

When I drive down to LA every month, I typically take I-5, and usually, I get a dead spot from Hwy 152 down to Kettleman City.  I just tried it with Fi, and I got a dead spot for about 10 minutes, but after that, I was able to get signal all the way through.  That was what I was after … seeing how my coverage is going through rural areas.  This is a win win for me.

Now, I gotta decide how long to keep my Nexus 6, because I really like what I see from the Pixel, and hear lots of good things from Pixel owners.  Gotta resist …

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