Super Sunday … Meh

I should have been really excited about this year’s Super Bowl.  I mean it has two of the highest scoring teams, Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.  But I think the way the hype has been, instead of charging up the excitement, it left me going the other way.  Call it a boycott on the circus leading up to the Super Bowl, but to me, the playoffs leading up to it were the most exciting.

There is life, outside of the Super Bowl.  Even though I was on call, I did manage to get a short little lunch ride in, and even after getting home, I just binge watched … or should I say re-watch Dirk Gently.  I love that show .. such a cult following.

I didn’t get any calls, but wish I did .. otherwise, I wouldn’t have to search for something to do.

It seems lately much of the attention on Super Sunday is how the national anthem is performed, and how the halftime show went.  Well, I was underwhelmed by the singing of the national anthem, and I just avoided the halftime show (although I hear it went really well).  I’m not a Lady Gaga fan.  Plus, when it got to 21-3, I decided to watch more  Dirk Gently.

I just don’t like short 13 minute concerts, in the middle of a football game.  Call me a traditionalist, but I’d rather watch marching bands, like the old times.  Maybe if Lindsey Stirling was playing, I’d watch.

Turned it back on to the game at 7:30 pm, and WTH … 28-20, and the Patriots are driving?  Wow, the Falcons really stepped off the gas, and went into reverse.

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One Response to Super Sunday … Meh

  1. The weather was NOT my friend yesterday, so I rode on the rollers in the house then read all afternoon and evening. Flat skipped the game. I was a diehard Patriots fan my whole life until Brady and the deflated football and then him whining.

    Though when I saw people posting at half time it was over, I smiled to myself. I knew they were in trouble!

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