When It’s Cold, It’s Colder at Higher Altitude

Yes, it is winter, but this is California.  So when it stopped raining, I was all excited, because for one, it’s dry … two, I’m not working the weekend (I’m not on call … yay!!!)… three, it’s a 3-day weekend.  That means more free time, more play time, another day to ride!

However, the temps have been down, and the air temperature was around 45-50 F.  Not a big deal, I’ve gone through 25-35 F commutes … but that’s a commute.  

So if you’ve read my blogs, you know I like to climb.  Only thing is, when you climb, you get hot, and therefore, you’ll want to take off the jacket.  It’s pretty when you get to the top.

However, when you’re at the top, it can get pretty cold.  It gets worse when you descend … I forgot all about this.  

Usually, I bring a balaclava, for face protection against the cold wind, but I forgot to bring it.  Oooh … the descent was ccc-cold.  When I got down, I had to find the first coffee shop I could find, and thaw out.

So I guess next time, if it is cold, I think I’ll just revert to rolling hills, and not long sustained hill climbs.  At least I didn’t decide to go up to Mt. Hamilton.

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