I Should Stop Looking at Weather Reports

I normally would ride into work, no matter what the weather is … but lately, I’ve been looking at tweets from the National Weather Service … and then I see this


Yeah, when you see flash flood watch, it does prompt you to change your habits.  Granted, it’s not raining now, but when you watch the news, and see all the problems others are seeing due to the rain, it makes you re-think.

I have actually done commutes without looking at weather reports … but that’s when I got stuck on flooded underpasses of the bike trail.  I’d like to avoid doing that again!

So here it is, 1/4/2017 … 4 days into the year, and I’ve only ridden once … at new year’s … I do hear Thursday and Friday will be dry, so maybe I’ll focus on that.  I guess I shouldn’t look at it as wimping out … more like keeping dry.  I guess I could always ride the trainer … but that’s sooo boring.

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6 Responses to I Should Stop Looking at Weather Reports

  1. I am for sure a fair weather cyclist – and the weather has been crappy here in PA – boo! I haven’t been on my bike for a little bit now 😦

    • sevencyclist says:

      To be honest, I got into bad weather cycling just to show my friends in PNW (like Oregon and Washington) as well as some friends DS on the East Coast that yeah, even in California, I’ll ride in “bad weather”. Well, flash floods and thunderstorms would keep me off the bike.

  2. Matthew McKnight says:

    I am with you on this one. I do NOT ride in heavy downpour, due to 5am DARK safety concerns(we had our first fatality in Elk Grove yesterday @ 6:30am), but if the rain is light I will ride. The weather has been craptastic and with the rain this weekend I am likely going to be doing the trainer indoors, looking into Zwift as we speak so maybe that will make it a bit more enjoyable. Best of luck on your rides and be safe out there!

    • sevencyclist says:

      Yeah, this body is not getting any younger, so safety becomes the priority. Looks like I’ll have to resurrect my Swift account.

  3. Matthew McKnight says:

    I forgot to say, that LAST Saturday has been my ONLY outside ride. Not enjoying this weather!

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