Frost Advisory .. in California???

Ok, I admit, this post is just to make all my east coast blog readers smile, laugh … don’t laugh too hard … I don’t want to be the instigator of a heart attack.

It’s been cold this week … so much that they have a frost advisory.  Looking at the temps, San Jose is getting down to 32 F.  For Canada, that must seem downright balmy.


And here are some temps … we are not used to this in California:


So to my east coast readers, what would you consider this …. chilly, cold, or extreme cold?


I’m fortunate enough to be on call this weekend, so I didn’t even have to decide if I needed to go bicycling in this weather.  If I wasn’t, I’m sure staying away from the local mountains … no Mt. Diablo, no Mt. Hamilton … unless there was snow on top (and last time I checked, there isn’t).

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4 Responses to Frost Advisory .. in California???

  1. Haha- yeah that’s chilly- the worst is if it’s windy on top of that!!!

  2. The snow in Seattle melted and the Burke Gliman trail was clear, so I bundled up for a 31egree ride yesterday! The commute to work today started with a rain snow mix! Still better than our east coast and mid west friends!

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