Go Pro Mounts Make a Difference

I recently upgraded to a Go Pro Hero 5 Session, and I’ve been trying this on multiple different types of mounts. My typical mount is the handlebar mount


However, sometimes when you have a lot of crap on your handlebar (like lights, cables, etc), this can be ugly when viewing the video.  So I saw there was a special mount, which has the Garmin on top, and Go Pro, upside down, on the other side.


This is pretty slick, and looks pretty cool.  However, this does have one very big drawback … the audio from it has a loud rumbling noise.  That kinda sucks.

Now I could always mount it on my helmet, but the weight on the head makes it really uncomfortable.

I have tried video cameras from other vendors .. Shimano, Garmin, Contour … but I keep coming back to Go Pro, not because of video or audio quality, but because of the mount, and the audio when it is mounted in various positions.  Even with the issues with the mount noted here, Go Pro mount is still the best, with lack of extra noise.

One thing I would really like is a still camera version of this, and just be able to click a picture with a single button, without going through so many button pushes (the thought being battery would not run out for the entire ride).

3 thoughts on “Go Pro Mounts Make a Difference

  1. Mountainstroh (Tony)

    I have learned to like the rumble 🙂 I use the helmet when I can so I can see what is the right and left of me, and if I get off the bike to look at something. I agree the weight took some getting used to. I will try the upside down mount as well


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