Has it Been 14,000 Miles Already?


i recently bought new wheels, and wow it looks remarkable. When I looked at my Strava data, combined (with the Liscio 1, and now the Liscio 2 frame), I’ve accumulated 14,000+ miles. Has it been that much? I’ve had it for 3 years, so I guess with an average of 7,000/year, that does add up.

When I crashed, I only replaced the frame, and maybe a few spokes on the wheels, but never changed anything else. I guess I should have replaced the wheels, but I decided not to. Now that I replaced the wheels, there is one other thing I didn’t change … the disc rotors. I took it into Calmar, and they found my rear rotor disc had indentation from the rear disc. I guess this should have been expected, but I figure I only had it for 3 years. I guess when you ride this like I do, the wear and tear does come quickly.

My LBS didn’t have my rotor in stock, so it’s on order. Damn, just my luck … oh well, I guess that’s the good thing about having multiple bikes … when one’s in the shop, the other one finds love. So until I get my Volagi out of the shop, I’m gleefully riding my Seven.

2 thoughts on “Has it Been 14,000 Miles Already?

  1. Peter Ferguson

    Looks great! Good to see you still have the bike love. I ordered fresh parts for my single and back cross training with it again. I really missed riding. Hoping in the Spring some Diablo/Tam action. Keep rollin.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Dude, that’s great. Got together with Marco over Thanksgiving and we want to get the gang back together for some rides.


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