I’ve Had it with this Tire


I hate it when you buy a new tire, and you have to toss it away, after not even riding 500 miles on it.  I’ve always ridden Continental Grand Prix tires, and having to toss this after about 4 weeks is a shame.

This is the same tire that had me shorten the Bonny Doon ride because of multiple flats.  First hazard was a sidewall puncture … I even put a boot on it.


Then earlier this week, I rode into work, all excited to do the evening ride.  Getting to the bike cage, I found it completely flat.  Another tube gone, so made it home without issues.  Then, drove down to LA, with a stop off at the Rose Bowl, before a nice short climbing ride … no issues there.  Then, the next day, I’m ready to do a climbing ride, and yes .. it’s flat again.  Replace the tube, and no issues for the ride  (had to shorten the ride again), but 3 flats on the same tire … time to replace.

Don’t you hate it, when you buy a new tire, and have to replace it not even a month later?  I even booted it, thinking that should make my tire last … NOPE!!!!  And this was not even the back tire … it’s the front tire.

Oh well … tire’s replaced … looking forward to Karen’s climbfest on 4th of July .. you better not flat on me!!!!

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