Climbfest is Back

One of my dearest friends, Karen, is the originator of the Climbfest, but she was in an accident recently.  This weekend is the first Climbfest since her recovery.  As always, she attracts a big crowd on these rides.


Her favorite climb is GMR to Baldy Village, and round-trip, it’s a respectable 50 mile, 6000 ft climb ride (come to think of it, it’s one of my favorite rides).

As usual, the ride started out with overcast skies.  That’s OK, it was keep the temperatures down, so that it won’t be scorching hot.



I like when it’s overcast, especially when climbing over the clouds.  Makes for some awesome pictures, that makes amateur photographers like me seem artistic.


We regrouped at the shack just before GMR-GRR junction (or at least some of us did).  Met up with Rick, who is recovering from his own crash, suffered on a mountain bike ride.  It was good to see him out there.


Terri is recovering from her own back issues.  She’s back to riding again too.  She’s a strong rider, with 97 double centuries under her belt.  Jeez, what is with everyone going down this year?


After seeing all my friends, and seeing the difficulties we have this year, I don’t feel so bad for my lack of fitness this year.  I made it to the village being in the middle of the pack (not the last, not the first). 


The views, as always are great.  You would never think these views are in Southern California.  Who says are in LA is so bad you can’t breathe?


On the way back, I remember seeing a road sign warning of reckless driving.  Uh, yeah, shouldn’t this be the rule for every road?  I thought this was funny.


Where’s the sign about don’t drink and drive, or no smoking?

Anyhow, hopes everyone has a safe Memorial Day.  Be safe out there.

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