Pulled the Plug, Bye Bye Comcast

I kept hearing from others how they pulled the plug, and disconnected their cable tv.  Well, I went and jumped on the bandwagon.  Boy, what a liberating feeling it is.

I was paying for premium cable (no HBO or Showtime), but was hardly watching it.  I’d typically view ESPN, TBS, TNT, but other than that, nothing really special.  I’d watch a bunch of Hulu, Crackle, so the time watching actual cable was pretty small.

I bought one of those flat tv antenna, and reception turns out to be incredibly good, and the HD channels are extremely sharp.  In fact, it blew away the image I would normally get with cable (which makes sense, with all the compression cable does).  The only problem I had was the NBCSN channel, but I figured moving the antenna to another part of the room will help with the reception.

Ok, that’s it … Call Comcast, and with glee, cancel the cable tv connection.  However, as soon as I hang up, the Internet connection goes down.  Why can it never be that easy?  At least I didn’t have to haggle too much with them … Got the connection back up in 15 minutes.

So what am I going to do about ESPN, and TNT?  Sling has a $20 subscription, so that may be an option.  Only concerns … Stanley Cup playoffs … Tour de France … I guess I can view the tour on steephill.tv … I guess there’s always some trade off.

4 thoughts on “Pulled the Plug, Bye Bye Comcast

  1. curtis corlew

    I don’t miss cable TV, though I will miss Game of Thrones. But for the savings I’ll just wait. Now if my city had an internet provider that wasn’t Comcast or AT&T I’d really be in business. Brentwood has Sonic that’s faster and costs about half as much. But we don’t have them…

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      It dawned on me I didn’t really watch the cable channels. I originally upgraded so I can watch nbcsn, but their cycling coverage this year is terrible. I can get by with steephill.TV. The one thing I will miss is NHL playoffs. However, by the time I get home, I miss most if it anyways.


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