It’s April, and Another #30daysofbiking


Another April, and another month of 30daysofbiking.  What is 30daysofbiking?  Will, basically it is a pledge that you make for yourself, that you will bike every day in the month of April.  You sign up at https://www.30daysofbiking/pledge.  That’s all there is to it.

I’ve done it the past 4 years.  This year, I actually rode on April 1st, not realizing that it is a 30daysofbiking month.  I commute every day, so it’s like a routine with me, not having to put any extra effort into it.

Today, I went for a short, although not easy ride … chock full of hard hill climbing.  It’s what me and my friends like to call Climbfest.  How hard?  Well, 15-20% grade for about a mile?  How’s that?  In fact, one of the Strava segments is called “Kittredge – Quickert Mile of Pain”, and another one called “Son of a Bi***”

Some pics to give you an idea how steep it is …



I also did a time lapse video of my two climbs for the day.


Now whether or not I keep up with the 30 days for this month, will depend on some family obligations.  Oh yes, it all comes down to that, on whether or not I’ll have time to get on my bike due to those commitments.  That usually is the reason for not fulfilling it.  Otherwise, as Queen says in the song “Fat Bottom Girls” …..

Get on your bikes and ride!








3 thoughts on “It’s April, and Another #30daysofbiking

  1. bribikes

    I have never climbed a hill like that before, 15-20% grade for that long, that’s insane! All the hills around here are little bumps in comparison. The videos were fun to watch and gave me a sense of just how much work you put in to climb those hills. Very cool.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Yeah, I’m a little nuts, need my head examined. That’s the climbfest in me. 🙂


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