Caution: Test Your Cleats After Installing It

My right cleat was starting to wear down … I know this, because it was just a little too easy to dismount.  So I bought a new pair of cleats.

I forgot to install it last night, so this morning, just before heading out, I realized, I just bought new cleats.  So I installed it, then went out for a ride.

I nearly couldn’t get out as I got to Starbucks.  I had to put unbelievable torque to get my shoe out of my pedal.  I typically pivot out, but I had to dismount 10 seconds before my actual stop … This is not normal.

Just out of a whim, I tried pivoting inward, and I was able to dismount a bit easier.  I gotta look into this a bit more, but I think I’ll take more time into replacing my cleat the next time.

Luckily, I didn’t fall awkwardly the wrong way, on a busy intersection (I’ve been known to do that in the past).


I inspected both cleats, and the right cleat seems to have some imperfection in the shape.  There seems to be some nick, that could be causing it not to dismount from the pedal.

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One Response to Caution: Test Your Cleats After Installing It

  1. AND might I add, check the screws from time to time. I hadn’t for WAY too long and evidently lost one, I went to unclip and the right foot pivoted but nothing I could do would unclip. The other screw was loose (much like the rider) I was standing on the side walk with only a sock on and multi tool trying to get that off.

    Then went to REI near by to replace. I check them monthly now

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