Locals Surviving Super Bowl Week


I know a lot of people were really excited about the Super Bowl being local, and it may have brought in lots of money to the economy, but it sure felt like a disruption to our lives.


First, there was the teardown of a world class youth soccer facility, which we will still see the effects of, and if it will ever be the same.  Then, there’s the disruption in SF … Lots of people who wanted to participate in Super Bowl City couldn’t, was turned away due to too many people.  Really???

There were events in San Jose, and nothing in Santa Clara, where the game was being played.  There were things all over the place.  That also meant traffic impacted the entire Bay Area, and not just Santa Clara.


They also closed the bike path, which goes right past Levi’s Stadium, for a week.

They said it would re-open 2/9, but they were way off the mark.  It wasn’t open till the evening of 2/11.

These past two weeks, I basically avoided SF and SJ, and stayed away from Great America.  Disruption in local lifestyle?  You bet.  Now maybe we can get back to our lives again?

Oh and thanks NFL for giving us the Toilet Bowl.  That was a dud.

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2 Responses to Locals Surviving Super Bowl Week

  1. bribikes says:

    Wow, to be completely frank, I have never thought much how disruptive a sporting event could be to a city. It makes me even more smug that I didn’t watch the game, haha!

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