What Would Prevent Me From Riding?

So what would take me away from my daily bike commutes?  Cold … nah, it would have to be in the teens (but even then, I’d probably be foolish enough to ride in it).  Rain … nah, one time I ride the river trail, in a downpour, and rode through the trail, even though standing water would go up to my waist.  Thunderstorm … now that’s a possible … a maybe.

No, that wouldn’t take me away … But getting a stiff neck .. yeah, that definitely would, and it did today.  But here’s the weird thing … I got up this morning, prepared my coffee, breakfast, then all of a sudden, whamo … neck gets all stiff, and moving to my right … really stiff.  How the heck did that happen?  Getting a stiff neck from sleeping in the wrong position … I understand that … but I already got up, and have no idea how I tweaked it.  Oh well … I guess I may not make it to 500 miles for the month after all.

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5 Responses to What Would Prevent Me From Riding?

  1. bribikes says:

    Sorry to hear about your neck, Ron. I hope it loosens up quickly…

  2. matt mcknight says:

    Have you been staring at your monitor off kilter? Mine was forcing me to look to the right all day and it did something similar one morning. Just an idea. Regardless of cause, hope you can get it loosened up and you can get back on soon

  3. debster822 says:

    Hope your neck has loosened up by now. I’m envious of your mileage for the month…I won’t even make 100. Pedal on!

  4. lectrichead says:

    This is an odd coincidence – I had exactly the same problem a few days ago myself.

    Mine, I assume, came about as a result of getting home, sitting down at my computer when I realized I had some work to do (I work from a home office) and sitting on the very edge of the seat and leaning forward at a terrible angle; with the thought that I was only going to be there a minute.
    An hour later I realized I was still in this awkward position and hadn’t moved. I expected to started feeling it in my neck after a short time. But it was fine the entire rest of the day, the next morning was fine too and I went through another entire day with no neck issues. Until that evening when I started feeling it. Though I use a bike trainer during this season so I can kinda take it easy and just balance in the saddle and keep my body straight since I don’t have to actually hold on. 😉

    Perhaps you also have some sort of delayed onset from something you had done previously, or bad sleep posture or whatever.

    Hope you’re doing better, what great Winter mileage nonetheless!

  5. Rachel M says:

    The same thing happens to me. The only way I know how to fix it is to do lots of neck exercises and that always seems to do the trick.

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