Cramps Really Cramped My Ride

My plan was quite ambitious … was going to climb over Skyline, then down the other side to the coast, then climb on the way back.  It would have been a 70+ mile, and 7000 ft+ ride.  Well, that would have been fine, except for the cramps that I developed over night.  Added to that, I woke up a little later than usual, so I didn’t arrive till about 20 minutes later than usual.

I still felt the effects of the cramps, as my knee felt a little stiff.  It was a little chilly, which typically is not a good thing when you have a cramp in your leg.


Page Mill Road

It’s kinda strange, that I was able to climb Page Mill, especially with it’s 12-15% grades, and I only felt weak when I was climbing 2-3% climbs, where I’m spinning with a higher cadence. We went down the other side of West Alpine, only to the point before the descent would come. I felt the smart thing to do was to turn back, instead of going down far, and having to climb up, with the uncertainty of how my knee would hold up. Instead, we went back on Skyline, over to Alice’s Restaurant for breakfast … 🙂

My knee started to feel better, only after we go down off the mountain, and the sun started to shine through. Perhaps it was a combination of the cramps over night, and the cold air. Well, at least we got in a good 41 miles, and 4400 feet of climbing … not a bad clip, considering. First thing to do, getting home is to stick the heat pad on my knee.


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One Response to Cramps Really Cramped My Ride

  1. matt mcknight says:

    Cramps. Been suffering from MASSIVE quad cramps myself after my longer rides. Not really sure why though. They were so bad one time that I stood up, passed out, broke my nose and broke a tooth, not something I enjoyed. Nice amount of climbing you got in there. My group hasn’t done much in the way of hills the past few rides, which is sad as we have glorious hills in our area. Keep pedaling

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