Bike Commuting Night Gear

Some of you may be worried about being able to be seen at night on my commutes home.  Well, I’ll document it here.

So on the front, I’ve got a nice 500 lumen Exposure Sirius light.  It’s very compact, lightweight, and the mount is not a hard plastic mount that will scratch up the handle bar.  In fact, it’s got a sturdy rubber stretchable mount, that is easy to take on or off, and will conform to even most irregular shaped handlebars (which seems to be the in thing nowadays).

VIRB Picture

Exposure Sirius Handlebar Mounted

I also have my Niterider Lumina 250, which is sufficient to direct the beam towards any dark patches of the road. I typically point the beam downward, such that it doesn’t blind other cyclists or drivers coming towards me. That is only courteous anyways.



I then bought some reflective tape, strategically designed to be placed on your spokes, so that if anyone shines a light at you, they’d have to be blind not to see it … especially when the wheel spins. I got these at REI (

Under my seat post, I have Serfas Thunderbolt … very powerful rear facing light, about 30 lumens.  It’s also a USB rechargable light.  This can be seen for miles.  Being the lazy ass that I am, I choose the lowest blinking mode, always forgetting to charge them up.


Serfas Thunderbolt

I also have some Blackburn Flea rear facing blinkers.  They’re very compact, and has a tight clip, where you could put just about anywhere.  I usually clip these on the back of my jacket.  Could I use more???  Yes, definitely it’s better to be seen.  But with what I have, I feel pretty safe on the night commutes … Now if only others would be more caring about being seen, that would be great … but I’m not holding my breath for it.


Blackburn Flea

It still amazes me how many walkers, joggers, go out on the multi-use trail, with no reflectors, no lights, and it’s pitch black out there. Not every is like me, with a super bright light. That’s bound to create accidents.

4 thoughts on “Bike Commuting Night Gear

  1. bribikes

    Those spoke reflectors are cool, I might just have snag a set for myself! People are constantly telling me to careful when I am out biking, so I find it slightly ironic that I fear for them as well. In the past few snowstorms, I have been passed by white cars without their lights on… don’t they realize that in the snow they are virtually invisible?

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      It’s amazing how visible those spoke reflectors can be at a distance. I saw a friend with them, while we were on top of an iconic hill (in the dark), and when I shined my light on his wheels, wow … it lit up like a christmas tree.

      Crazy about the white car in snow … lights should be on, even in daylight, when visibility is in question. Hi capacity batteries are cheap, so there is no reason to be without them.


    I saw a cyclist with spoke reflector things crossing the road in front of me way up ahead the other night. They certainly caught the beam of my 600 lumen front light! Very effective! I bought some reflective tape from Amazon for cheap that I’ve stuck down the back of my rear mudguard for extra visibility. My entire commute to and from is in darkness at the moment.

  3. matt mcknight

    Great setUp. I need to get some spoke reflectors. I want to add some reflective tape to the bike while I’m at it.


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