Bike Maintenance on an On Call Weekend

I’m on call this weekend, which means no real extended time on the bike.  So I decided to give my folding bike some love, and do some work on it.  What prompted me to do this, was while on a bike ride to grab breakfast at Noah’s NY Bagels, I noticed the rear was going a little wibbly-wobbly … no it’s not timey wimey .. ha, I got a Doctor Who reference in there!

So I get the rear wheel off … no quick release levers here … just old fashioned nut on a threaded axle … Wow that was a pain to get off.  On closer inspection, what do I find … Suntour … Suntour?  Wow, do I even have a tool that can remove this?


Actually, it’s the same shape as the shimano cassette, and I was able to get that off, with no problem.  I spun the wheel, and it didn’t feel like it was rolling very smoothly … so taking the axle apart, I find this does not have sealed bearings … ugh, how did we maintain our bikes before sealed bearings?

I go ahead and clean out the bearings, put it back together, and what do you know … I misplaced a couple of balls.  All the preparation in the world, and you still manage to lose them.  Quick run to the LBS, getting a nice set of replacement ball bearings, and I’m ready to go.  After re-packing them, I found the missing ball bearings … it was inside the axle of the wheel.  I guess I didn’t poke it enough to find it.

The challenge in doing this (something I haven’t done in a long time) is remembering which part goes where.  This took a lot longer than it normally would, but I don’t mind … this is all just to spend some time away, while I’m on call.  The only drawback is, if I get a call, I’ve got greasy grimy hands.  Luckily, no one called while I was maintaining the bike.

So that’s how my exciting weekend is being spent … how about yours?

4 thoughts on “Bike Maintenance on an On Call Weekend

  1. bribikes

    I had bearing problems this week too! No matter what I did the last one wouldn’t fit back in until my dad poked the axle in and popped it into place. Thank goodness for smart dads, I never would have figured out to get it back in by myself 🙂

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      I think in my case, it was just neglect on my part. This is my folder bike, which I only use for short 2-5 mile jaunts, so that’s why I didn’t take care of it too much. I guess no matter how often you ride a bike, you really should look after it.

  2. Richard Masoner

    It’s been ages since I’ve had to repack bearings. I seem to recall similar episodes of missing bearings / buy replacements / find the missing bearings hiding inside the hub.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Yeah, I think it had been about 10 years since I last re-packed bearings … but get a good supply of replacement bearings, so I’m good to go.


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