Days Starting to Get Longer

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Are The Days Getting Longer?

Is it me, or are the days getting longer? I know, it just turned New Years, but when I get out a little after 5 pm, it does seem a little lighter than before. That’s something to get this bike commuter excited about. As if getting off work isn’t excitement enough, but commuting by bike, and having it not quick so pitch black … it’s something to smile about.

Today was the first day it was fairly dry since the weekend.  We’ve had 3 days of pretty heavy constant rain, and waking up in the morning, to see it not rain was exciting.

I went on the Stevens Creek MUT today, and it was pretty eerie, because it was just me, and a few other joggers on the path.  There were no other bikes on the MUT at all.  Usually I’d see 5 or 6 others, but tonight, it was just me.  I mean, it wasn’t raining, so that couldn’t have scared everyone away, would it?  I was just happy to be back on the road commuting again.

It might not rain until Friday evening, so looks like I’ll be commuting again tomorrow.  I gotta do something to trim down for the coming season.

6 thoughts on “Days Starting to Get Longer

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Yes, it was very enjoyable. Thanks … it’s funny how being lighter a few extra minutes will do wonders to your psyche.

  1. matt mcknight

    Just stumbled upon your blog. I commute myself just north of Sacramento. I haven’t been riding much this year with all the rain. I don’t mind riding in the wet, but at 5am it’s more like taking my life into my hands and I just can’t do that. Looking forward to daylight riding again

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Cool Matt. I try to commute whenever possible, and riding at 5 am, as long as you have proper lights, it’s not that bad (at least where I go). I may do another blog showing my light ware, but basically I have 500 lumen on the handlebar, 250 lumen and the helmet, plus probably another 70-100 lumen on the rear. As always, wear as much reflective clothing as possible.

  2. matt mcknight

    Sounds like a nice light setup. I’m running a 600 on the front, a 2 watt on the rear plus a skullty blinking on one of my rear triangles. I’ve got LED flashers on each of my arms. I used to ride in the wet and light fog when started work at 8, but the 5am drivers in my area are horrid. Not sure if it’s in your blog or not, haven’t had much time to go back and read, but when and why did you start commuting?

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      I started about 3 years ago, just because I could, and liked it so much, I just continued on with it.


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