The Problems of Working From Home

Due to some office re-configuration of office space, I’ve been working from home for the past 3 weeks.  Now when you think about that, you’d think that’s great, but there are some changes in lifestyle pattern which make this a little undesirable.

First, I don’t get to commute to work.  Well, you’d then say just get up early and do a hort loop before you start work?  Well for whatever reason, I can’t get motivated to do that.  Part of it could be it’s been raining, or its been very cold, and doesn’t really gives me motivation to do that.  I guess I just got really lazy.

Second, no free coffee at home.  First few days, I went to Starbucks in the morning before starting my shift at home … Plus it breaks my normal routine of going down to the cafe, getting my free Peets coffee, and my favorites from the grill.  Lately I’m just brewing my own pot of Peets, and making some scrambled eggs.  Just not the same.

Third, there’s the leaf blower.  I’m just glad I’m not on a really intense call while they are going off.  It does get pretty annoying.

Fourth, there is the lack of office camaraderie.  I like the live social interaction, and being cooped up at home is torture.

Probably the only good thing is that I get to do things around the house that I normally wouldn’t have been able to do (because I’m on the road commuting back home).

I don’t see how everyone does it, but I don’t like working from home.  For those that do, more power to you.  I finally get to go back on the office tomorrow, so that will be cool … And then re-acquaint myself with my new office space, yet again.

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