Should you warm up before you stretch?

Good sound advise .. never thought of it this way. But then again, I always ride to the start of a ride, so at least I have some sweat built up

Secondrate Cyclist

200Yes. There is no doubt that stretching is a very important part of exercising of any kind. The flexibility of the muscles and tendons are crucial when it comes to performance, but there is a but. We’ve all been in a spot where someone else’s warm up is our top end. I am often caught with a batch of Cat 2-3 riders who say that we’ll ride the first few miles just warming up, and that “warm up” pace is in Zone 4 for me! I’m not going to get dropped, so I hammer it out, all the while screaming in my head that this is not good. We’ve also been in the spot where time is running out and the workout just has to get done, so we just hit it wide open. Warming up or preparing the muscles for what is ahead is just as important as the work out itself.

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