Christmas in LA


Merry Christmas everyone.  Is your Christmas a “White Christmas”?  I have no delusions of having a white Christmas here, but man, look at this view from my dad’s kitchen window.


But look at this … It’s warmer on the east coast than it is here in California.  That’s sure a shift from last year.

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6 Responses to Christmas in LA

  1. bribikes says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Our Christmas wasn’t as white as I wanted it to be…next year maybe 😉

    • sevencyclist says:

      I think it was warmer where you are than here. Have a good rest of the holidays. Wishing you all the best.

      • bribikes says:

        Yeah, I guess I will have to move to CA!
        And thank you, I hope the rest of your year is wonderful as well 🙂

      • sevencyclist says:

        If you do, I’ll show you around and turn you into a Californian. 🙂

        You may actually have to wear shorts in winter!

        Hope the rest of the year is great for you too!

      • bribikes says:

        Thanks Ron! Although I am pretty sure it is actually illegal for someone born and raised in rural NY to become a Californian 😉 I can’t imagine wearing shorts in winter, I would probably cry!

      • sevencyclist says:

        Haha … Actually a friend of mine, raised in NY, transplanted to California, before she had to relocate back to NY. So it is possible 🙂

        I actually dated a girl in Brooklyn … I couldn’t get her to relocate, so there went that relationship. Neither of us would budge. Oh well … It’s all good.

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