Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


It’s that time of year again … to give thanks, to feast and fill your tummy, to spend all day in front of the TV watching football … yeah, that’s America’s past time … except for me, I had to work on call this weekend, which made it a little difficult, logistically, to drive home, participate in the Thanksgiving activities, and still fulfill the on call responsibilities.  It would mean driving down Thanksgiving morning, immediately go to turkey dinner, then drive back the next day Friday, and be ready for on call.  Or wait until Sunday evening, drive back to the Bay Area, to come into work on Monday morning.  That was just too much of a hassle.  So instead, I made my visit last weekend, instead.

So this meant no family turkey dinner this year, but it does mean two days off to go do whatever riding I want.  However my good friend Lynne invited me over for dinner with her family, and I’ll be doing that instead.  How gracious of her … thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Gobble gobble gobble.

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One Response to Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

  1. bribikes says:

    Glad to hear you get Thanksgiving dinner after all 🙂

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