Sometimes You Just Gotta Be a Tourist

We can’t always be striving to get PR’s (Personal Records), and sometimes when you try too hard, you end up getting a mediocre time.  The weather looked like it was going to be nice, so I headed on the first train on Caltrain over to San Francisco, and decided to be a tourist, even though I do this excursion pretty regularly.

I mean, how can you not enjoy this?  Yes, I know … this is making everyone on the east coast a bit jealous, but what can I say?

On my train ride back home, unfortunately I was on a train full of fans going to the Stanford – Oregon game.  It meant having to wait in a crazy long line … but at least it was a bullet train, and limited the number of stops we had to make.

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4 Responses to Sometimes You Just Gotta Be a Tourist

  1. debster822 says:

    Great pictures, as always. One of these days I’ll have to ride this.

  2. sevencyclist says:

    Took it with my big camera, and not just the phone camera. Turned out pretty good.

  3. bribikes says:

    I would be completely jealous because those views are gorgeous but we have snow and I am just a little bit excited about it…

  4. Much like my trips to Mt Rainier. There’s just times you have to stop, and just look and appreciate where you are

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