Peaceful Easy Feeling …. At 5 am

Once again, our east coast guy is on PTO … so that means another 5 am commute for me.  Woohoo!!!  Yeah, I’m nuts.  Who would do such a thing?  Well, double century riders, of course.  I mean, it’s not like I’m getting up at 3:30 am …. Oh, wait a minute, my body did wake up at 3:45 am … scratch that previous thought.

But once your body is all prepared to leave the door at 5 am, it’s really not that bad.  As long as you have good lights (500 lumen on my handlebar, 250 lumen on my helmet) … that’s enough to light up even the darkest road.  Since hardly anyone is out there, I don’t have to worry about fighting with traffic.  It was very peaceful commute this morning … and no, I didn’t have “Peaceful Easy Feeling” playing on my headset .. it’s just that as I was riding, that is just the thought I had in my head.

And since my start is at 6 am, I get to get out of the office by 3 pm … or at least that is the plan.  This will ensure my ride home will be in daylight.  Score!

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2 Responses to Peaceful Easy Feeling …. At 5 am

  1. With Daylight savings coming, I will soon have dark commutes both ways! But agreed, with the right lights, and if you are awake, why not ride!

  2. bribikes says:

    If I drove to work in a car, I doubt I would stay awake, ha! Bike commuting is the way to go for me. It is sad though, in the spring and summer just as I would get to work, dawn would start to creep up on the sleeping countryside. It was so pretty! Now it stays dark 😦

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