Can’t Turn My Prius On!

Well, this was an unpleasant surprise.  I was trying to put something in the trunk of my Prius, but it wouldn’t open.  Then, I heard a bunch of beeping … weird.  I was able to open my driver side door with the keyless remote, but it wouldn’t unlock the other doors, or the trunk.  Then, I try starting the car, but the dashboard would flicker a whole bunch of warning symbols, that it normally doesn’t.  WTF!!!!

I press start a few times, and still nothing … eventually I got it to turn on.  Since it’s a hybrid, the engine doesn’t start up when you turn it on.  Eventually, I was able to get it to turn on.  Once I’m able to get it to turn on, then everything is ok.  It’s not an engine starting problem, but the car turning on.

A few google searches later, it looks like some auxiliary battery was drained … strange though after a few attempts, I was able to get it going.  It’s possible that one of my doors wasn’t not completely closed, and it may have drained some power.

Well, that was scary.  We’ll see how it goes in the morning, as I have a drive to LA to do.  I guess if I still have that problem, I may have to postpone my trip.  I’ll sure be crossing my fingers on my sleep tonight.

Update; No problems turning on the Prius in the morning. I must have had a door not completely closed or something like that.

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