New Phone Earlier Than Expected

I’ve generally been pretty happy with my Nexus 5, but I had to go ahead and get a new Nexus 6.  Why?

Well, earlier in the year, I used a phone bike mount, so I can track where I go.  You may be asking why would that make a difference.  Well, there were a few good sized storms, and as a result, the phone would get wet.  But did that concern me?  No, but maybe it should have.  I mean the phone was still working just that it would get a little wet.  Well some time later, my phone decided it didn’t want to charge anymore.  I fried the USB port.  Luckily I had a Qi wireless charger, so I still could charge up my battery.  However, after time, the contacts were not being detected on the charger, so I forced my way to get a new phone.

I loved my Nexus 5, despite the problem I had where it would shut down on its own.  The Bluetooth would also get a little flaky.  I love that I’m able to get the latest Android OS update before any phones do, so that’s why I went with  a Nexus 6.  Ooh well time fit the splurge.

I decided to see if Amazon has some good deals, and low and behold, they are selling Nexus 6 $150 less than everyone else.  Sold, to the tech junkie dork.


I was hoping I could just transfer the SIM from my Nexus 5 to my Nexus 6, but the form factors are different, so I had to go into the T-Mobile store.  At least I didn’t have to wait in line at a Genius Store.

One really nice thing about Nexus is that you can copy data from one phone to the other using NFC.  They made it so easy to transfer data from one phone to another.  No all I had to do was download all the apps that I had.   the only other problem I had was I had to unlink Google Authenticator and RSA token.  Boy what a pain in the butt that was.

Now to get used to carrying around this huge phone in my pocket.  I’m going to have to find some jerseys with deep pockets.  But are least I can charge my phone must easier.

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