Thank You to Everyone for Your Sympathies

I want to thank everyone for expressing their sympathies after hearing about my bike accident.  The outpouring of support is incredible, and I just want to thank everyone for their kind words.

The most common comment was when they looked at the bike, and they look at me, they are amazed at how well I came through … typically, they would say I look a hell of a lot better than my bike does.  Everyone is so thankful that I wasn’t injured worse than I was already.  Thank you for that.  I just brought my bike in to my LBS today, and they’ll give me a call on Tuesday, and let me know how bad it really is.  We do know a new fork is in order, but we’ll see how bad it really is.

We think what happened is that my front wheel locked up.  I don’t know if it was my gut reaction, and slamming on my ultra powerful disc brakes, but it seemed the wheel lockup, and the speed I was going, put so much force on the fork, that the fibers sheared away, as if someone cut the fork wiht a hacksaw.

I’m doing much better now … I’m regaining flexibility in my torso, to the point where I can back out of my driveway without too much discomfort.  I’m also finally able to sleep in my bed, instead of my recliner sofa … so things are improving.

I figure another week until I can start riding around the block.  Climbing Mt. Umunhum seems like such a pipedream now, but I’m not going to let this stop me.  I’ll be out there, don’t you worry about that.

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2 Responses to Thank You to Everyone for Your Sympathies

  1. debster822 says:

    Wait, did I miss something? Last I heard you hit something on the bike path and crashed & broke a rib. Is this new? Regardless, hope the bike is OK, and you heal up fast. Oh, and that mountain is waiting for you. (c:

  2. We crash we recover we ride again. Good man and I very much understand the pain! My thoughts are with your bike as well!

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