Not Another Fall

… yes, unfortunately, I took another fall earlier this week.  This was just on my commute into work, and it’s funny how everything seemed to be all going smoothly, and then suddenly, wham!  There was no car involved, but some pipe or cylindrical object was in the bike path, and I don’t think I saw it in time.

End result … face hit the ground, lacerations on my face.  After about a day, the blood dried up, but it also meant my jaw couldn’t really open too wide.  Was checked into El Camino Hospital, and nothing broken on the face, or knees … all checked out fine.  I do have cracked ribs, so here we go again … 6 weeks of being off the bike.

I was prescribed motrin and narco, but  I’m trying to not tap into those drugs quite yet.  I’m able to handle the pain so far, and I’ll just use them as a safety blanket.

This means my double century season is over.  I’m not sure if I am throwing in the towel for double centuries, but this body is getting old, and having two incidents of cracked ribs in 1 year … odds are not in my favor.

How’s the bike?  I don’t know … co-worker will be taking them with him (I left the bike in my cubicle) … most likely a cracked or broken fork, but not sure how the rest of the frame is.  Yes, this was my Volagi.  I may want to shift my focus on my riding from here on out.

Glasses were all shredded, so I had to go an order a new pair … luckily, I have a spare set of contact lenses, that should last me a couple of weeks.  It’s a shame .. these only lasted 5 months.

Update: Fork sheered at the headtube, and a broken spoke on my front wheel. Damn, too bad I didn’t have my Garmin VIRB recording at the time.


5 thoughts on “Not Another Fall

  1. scottgurnett

    I hope you have a speedy recovery 🙂 You well and truly did your forks in huh? Must have hit something pretty big?!

  2. debster822

    Ugh, that sucks big-time. Don’t give up on doubles, though, look at Rick B. who is in his 60s (and I know some NorCal riders who ride doubles and are 50+). If you want to ride doubles you’ll find a way. And if you don’t, so be it. No one will judge you for that.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery and get back on your bike (and I hope the Volagi is OK) and keep riding.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      Thanks … I know, but I’m not getting any younger, and getting into all these spills, crashes, just makes me feel like I am old.

  3. Mountainstroh (Tony)

    Damn son I am sorry! And to have it not be an epic route makes it even worse. Back in the saddle in 6 weeks? You can still do single centuries, but is have. To agree, a double would be pushing it.


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