Time to Work Off That Belly

I recently took a look in the mirror, in the bathroom, and look at my mid-section … Oh, the horror!  Damn, I have really been lolly-gagging.  Crap, it’s time to do something about this.

Well, Camino Real is this weekend, and I know I’m going to miss that.  The question is … will I actually be in shape for Solvang next month?  I just feel like a real slog now.

So it’s time to get out on the road, and do those before work rides up Mora.  Too bad the evening Meetup rides start at 5:15 pm … there is no way I’m going to be able to make it to Los Altos by 6:15 …. probably won’t even be able to leave the building till at least 5:20 pm.  I think that definitely is hurting me, because I don’t have that motivational group leaving every Tuesday evening.

It does help that it is not bone chillingly cold out there, so I can actually wear shorts and short fingered gloves.  That definitely helps, as I feel a little faster without the long fingers and the knee warmers.

Of course, this month didn’t help me much either.  One weekend, visit my dad … the next weekend, on call.  That is really going to hurt my training schedule.

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