Pink DB Long Gone


As most of my loyal friends and followers know, I visit LA about once a month (sometimes a little longer).  This means I won’t normally keep tabs on this bike.  I normally will take this bike out when I fly down.  Yes it’s a heavy bike, and not a great climbing bike, but at least it’s a bike I can ride.

Well 3 months ago, my dad called me to report it was no longer in the cage in the basement of my dad’s condo.  What was strange was the padlock for the cage it was in was not broken, but it was just gone.  Well most likely it was stolen about 3 weeks prior to finding out about it, so chances getting it back is slim to none.  That’s why I didn’t pursue it too hard, plus it’s has a good run (a good 20 years).

What this does mean is I don’t have a bike to ride when I fly down here.  With the weather being so glorious today, seeing everyone enjoy the weather was a utile disheartening.

Well, if you by chance see remnants of this link diamond back, let me know.  I mean, how many would want to get caught with a pink bike?

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3 Responses to Pink DB Long Gone

  1. Well that just sucks. Losing a bike always hurts. I wonder what happened.

  2. Special place in hell for bike thieves! Mine is still running around Seattle somewhere after being stolen 2 years ago.

    Sorry pal.

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