Farewell 2014

Wow, what happened to the past year?  It’s already time to say goodbye to 2014?  It seemed like just yesterday, where I was getting ready for DMD.  I used Solvang Spring Double as a training ride … what?  Then, I did DMD, and they were really tough conditions, and it became too much for me, and I ended up DNF’ing it, only going 159 miles before SAG’ing it.

Then, on the way back from a ride, I didn’t realize how fast I was going, and I rear ended a tandem, taking both of us down, and took me out for 6 weeks, suffering a rib injury.

Ever since then, my fitness was not quite the same, so I then decided to just commute to work every day.  No centuries, no doubles for the rest of the year.  Instead, I just enjoyed weekend rides, without any training agenda.

Despite all of this, I ended up with quite a bit of mileage over the year.  I ended up with 7004 miles.  I guess all those commute miles do add up.

So will I do DMD this year?  I have no idea … but I guess I should just start training up for it again, just like I did last year.  I’m just hoping I have remnants of the fitness I had last year.  If I do, then I’ll go ahead and go for it.

Anyhow, Happy New Years everyone.

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