I Can See Now

Last week, for whatever reason, I could not find my glasses. That just spells trouble, because I don’t have any backup glasses, and no contacts either. So I had to pull my monitor close enough for me to see (I’m near sighted).

So I made an emergency appointment with my eye doctor. I decided to only check for new glasses, and not for contacts.

I needed to have the optometrist do a rush order for the glasses, since I am just about blind without them. My eye doctor was able to give me a weeks’is worth of disposable contacts. That helped, as it gave me distance focusing, but I could not see anything close up, with contacts on. At least I could use them for rides.

Finally got the glasses on Thursday. I told the optician I’m pretty active with my cycling, so she suggested the titanium frames, lightweight. How do I look in them?

Now I can see, and no more squinting.  Lesson learned … Keep old glasses in case you lose your good ones.

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