Pet Peeves of Multi Use Trails

I can only shake my head in disgust sometimes while riding MUT so here is my short list of my biggest pet peeves on MUT(in no particular order)

Talking on phone while riding
Walkers who hug the center line
Riders going > 15 mph
Riders with no lights
Walkers with no lights wearing dark clothes
Yelling on your left and walkers don’t move and you have to squeeze by
Walkers not budging and you have to stop so that reverse traffic passes by
MUT being closed for no good reason (49er game night before)
Riders passing you without calling it out
Riders passing you on your right
Crossing the street on a red light

5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves of Multi Use Trails

  1. Mountainstroh (Tony)

    Dogs on long leashes with owners who don’t care, pace lines on trails, baby joggers stopped in the middle of the trail. Glad to see one thing NOT on you list. Little kids on bikes are distinct hazards, but it’s up to us to avoid their sudden left turns.

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      I agree with your additions, but I haven’t run into those hazards on the MUT that I ride on. In general, people stopped on the middle of the trail is a big pet peeve.

  2. Two Wheel Timmy

    Great list. I live by the beach and my biggest pet peeve is that on the weekends there are often groups of 5-10 extremely slow (3-5 mph) people on beach cruiser’s (usually drunk) spread out taking up the entire path. Saying ‘on your left’ just makes them swerve to the left to look at you.

  3. lectrichead

    I’ve completely given up saying “On your left”, “coming up on your left”, “passing on your left” or anything else like that. A certain number of people just don’t seem to get it, or seem to hear the word “left” and nothing else and move in that direction, or otherwise get/act confused about what to do.

    It’s perplexing sometimes.

    So I have been just making sure I yell to the person(s) a good distance ahead of time “behind you” and then I just move to whatever side they leave free. It’s been working well for me, both for biking as well as running.

    Bike bells seem to be nearly ineffective. Perhaps a bike airhorn might be more so 😉


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