Why I Love My Nexus 5?

With all the media attention with iPhone 6, and Samsung, I started thinking why I chose Nexus 5.  Looking back, I remember that I was frustrated when I would hear about a new Android update, and I still never got that same update.  This was when I had a Samsung Galaxy 3.  Everyone would be on 4.2, and I would be on 4.1, and it was 8 months after 4.2 was released.

So I just checked, and my Nexus 5 is on Android 4.4.4, while my co-worker, who is a proud owner of a Samsung Note 3, is on Android 4.4.2.  His claim is that even though the Nexus 5 will get the first update first, on subsequent updates, his Samsung would get it before my Nexus will.  Well, I’ve had 4.4.4 for about 2-3 months already, and I just read they just recently got 4.4.4 on Sprint Galaxy S5.  Sorry guys, I’ve had this for 2-3 months already, and you are claiming you get the latest first????  Meanwhile, I heard Samsung is still rolling out 4.4.2 on some platforms.

So why 4.4.4?  Security fixes, of course.  4.4.4 addressed some SSL Vulnerabilities, so I would think that pushing out 4.4.4 would be very important … I guess not!  This is why I love my Nexus 5 … I get the OS updates first!

2 thoughts on “Why I Love My Nexus 5?

    1. sevencyclist Post author

      I love it. It lasts me the good part of the day. Plus I have a wireless charger at my desk, which helps out.


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