Shimano Camera Really Needs Better Support

So yesterday, I had a frustrating experience.  I had just completed a good butt kicking 70 mile ride to China Grade, and had various things recorded.  I heard an audible from the camera indicating that either 1) battery died or 2) ran out of flash space.

So I launched the wifi app, and saw one was a big 22 min video.  Through the wifi app, I tried accessing it, and eventually I lost connectivity.  No big deal, let me try again … I try turning it on, and I get some annoying repetitive beeps from the camera.  So I struggled with this, by re-insert the flash card, and still no go.  Unfortunately, because of this, you can’t turn the camera on … it immediately shuts off.  That also meant I had no way to manage the camera, tweak settings, etc.

I even went out to purchase a 32 GB micro-SD card from Best Buy, but still, no go.  As a last ditch effort, I tried taking the micro-SD out of the Shimano, and put it into my Go Pro, and wow … I found it reported SD ERR.  WTF … So I format both micro-SD cards on my Windows 7 PC.  They both format successfully on the PC, and I can view the folder on Windows Explorer.  Take it to the Go Pro, and still, SD ERR.

I was able to get the Go Pro to navigate through the menu, to format the micro-SD card, and it was successful.  I then took the very same micro-SD card, put it in the Shimano, and voila, it now reads it … more importantly, it turns on.

This is definitely one big negative with the Shimano Sports Camera.  I guess when I viewed the video, it somehow corrupted the micro-SD card, to the point where the camera did not recognize the card.  There still has to be some way to format this on the PC, to the point where either Shimano or Go Pro can accept the micro-SD card.

There really isn’t a specific avenue for tech support for the Shimano Camera.  When you go to the Shimano site, it suggests you go through the dealer (but I highly doubt they will have any technical expertise in this area).

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2 Responses to Shimano Camera Really Needs Better Support

  1. Well, at least your camera is working. I have had a GoPro Hero HD for the last two-three years that I have used (literally) a handful of times. Definitely less than 10. I handled it like it was made of eggs. It was never dropped, crashed, abused, molested, (insert any sort of abuse term here). It was inactive (sitting in a drawer) for about 6 – 9 months, so I attempted to connect it to my PC to recharge the battery. Nothing happened; no red light indication; no recognition by Windows; nothing. So, being a trusty soul, I bought a new battery (thinking that the old one somehow lost its ability to recharge itself). I bought it directly from GoPro. It showed up in a couple of days. Installed the new battery, plugged it into the computer, the red light came on (hooray!) and it charged. Unfortunately, that is where the good news stopped. The camera refuses to turn on. I contacted GoPro via e-mail, and they got back to me (eventually). To their credit, I got an almost immediate response that they would not be getting back to me right away due to a higher than normal call volume (hmmmm). After a number of courteous e-mails, they essentially told me I was out of luck. I tried repeatedly to tell them that this camera was not abused in any way, shape, or form, and that after paying over $200 for a product, I expected better/more. The answer was the same. It’s too old (past its warranty), and I am out of luck. Bottom line: I will not be buying another GoPro product any time soon. Oh, and I am really pissed off!

    Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2014 17:31:39 +0000 To:

    • sevencyclist says:

      Wow that’s amazing that they would tell you that you are SOL. I would be really pissed off too. Have you spread this all over twitter and Facebook? That’s one way to get their attention, and fast.

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