Alpine Dam and Seven Sisters

There’s a heatwave going on in California, so to beat the heat, I headed up to SF via Caltrain.


I’ve taken Caltrain a number of times with my bike, but normally you take a seat after strapping down your bike, but this group, for some reason, didn’t want to sit.  Maybe it’s culture, but really, it’s OK to sit down.  It actually felt a little creepy.


And then there was this guy who kept standing there in the caboose veering as we approached SF.  It was just weird.

SHIM0056My route is heading up to Golden Gate Bridge, then over to Fairfax, then onto Alpine Dam and onto Seven Sisters.  It’s basically a full day, but I’m going to just soak in the cooler temps, with no hurry to accomplish PRs, so I gladly let others pass me.  I mean, while on the bridge, what’s the hurry?  No need to speed around at breakneck speeds, because you’ll end up having to slow down anyways, for some slower riders along the bridge.

On the way to Fairfax, when I would ride with Pete, we would take “the Wiggle”, a series of zig zag routes to avoid the main highway, and mainly to avoid car traffic. However, there were so many twists and turns, I wound up getting lost. I eventually wound up at the park entrance to Lagunitas Park, and I know that’s not the way. So I had to back track … Google maps to the rescue.

Once I got to Fairfax, I knew the rest of the route. I didn’t check the temp before leaving Fairfax, but I imagine it was in the mid 80s. I wanted to top off my water bottle at the Fairfax police station, but their water fountain didn’t have any water. Luckily, I still had 3/4 bottle full.


The first climb had a great view, plus a slight glimpse of Alpine Lake. I chatted with one guy, who was just at Interbike in Las Vegas, so he was used to this heat. Although not as hot, it was still a sweltering one.

OK onwards to Alpine Dam. I ended meeting 3 riders, who I would see thru the rest of the ride, even though I was not part of their group. Funny how things like that work out.


I got to the dam, and it was hot, sunny, and the glistening water was so gorgeous. However, I was stupid enough to bask in the blazing sun, not realizing a shady spot in the corner. That’s where a couple of other people were hanging out and I could hear them talking, but couldn’t tell where they were coming from. Now that I realize it, it made sense. Get into the shade!

Climbing out of the dam, my friends I was telling you about were conversing with me as I’m climbing, but that didn’t last long, as they went on ahead. They thanked me for coming out to Marin County to ride in the beauty that is Marin County. It’s like, thanks for having me.


Finally reach the intersection of Ridgecrest, and that was a perfect time to stop to eat. Nice shaded areas, covered by Redwoods. This is a great spot.  Check out the photosphere I took at this location, (best viewed from Google Chrome)

Next up is Seven Sisters, out in the open, with no shade … And I mean no shade at all. The temps here got up to 92°F. It was so hot, but there was still some cloud coverage over Stinson Beach.


From here, I headed back to GG Bridge, but I decided to go part way up Marin Headlands to get another awesome view of the GG Bridge. I think it was worth it.


However, this spot was extremely popular, and parking spots for scenic overlook was at a premium. In fact, it was madness


63.8 miles, 6028 ft climbing

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