It’s August Already?

Another month goes by and I just realized we’re past the half way point for the year.  Of course, being off the bike for 6 weeks makes you lose track of what resembled a training schedule.

I’m happy to report that I am back to my normal riding one again, and now all I have to do is regain my endurance and fitness level.  I don’t have any events planned upcoming, so that will give me the opportunity to get back into shape again.

I recently weighed myself … Oh god, why did I do that?  Back up to 170 again.  Damn, and I was doing so good maintaining 160 for a while

For the month of July, I got in 762 miles for the month, which is about as long as I normally would do in a month.  Being able to commute daily by bike has also helped me.  Another 31 day month … Maybe by September I’ll be close to my pre-Memorial Day shape (but may not be my DMD shape).

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One Response to It’s August Already?

  1. Glad to read you are all recovered, and back to puching the pedals down when they pop back up. Carry on.

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