So Much For SCMC

After all that prep for SCMC, when I got to the parking lot, I went to get my stuff (helmet, shoes, gloves, etc) the bag is not there.  Noooo!!!!!

It turns out I didn’t put the bag in the car.  Damn, looks like I’m not doing the ride.

Went back home and there it is .. The bag lying right next to the parking space where my car was parked.

I decided to ride from home, to v try to meet up with Karen and Ramon at the rest stop at Hwy 9 and Skyline, but I was either too early or too late.  I decided to just complete the Page Mill route.

On the way home, my knees felt a little fatigue pain, so it’s probably a good idea that I didn’t do the ride.

I guess it’s rest day time, and time for some icing.

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