Finally Got My First Century of the Year In

Solvang Double is coming up really soon and I haven’t gotten any long rides in.  It’s starting to freak me out, so I had to get at least a century in today.  I hasn’t gotten one in due to fitness, and when I felt I did, I got into a bike crash on my commute a couple weeks ago.  That probably set my training back a few weeks (in fact, I took one week off the bike).  So with these facts, I was a little bit nervous about being able to complete a century.  Maybe it’s too soon after the crash?


I decided to go up to SF, and Ramon came with me.  He’s done this route regularly, so he knows the ins and outs, I don’t.

I started from my house at 8 am, and we wanted to get through Foothill Expy through Canada before the Spectrum riders came through.  That’s the weekly huge pack ride that comes screaming through, and in many times, bike crashes occur.  So we wanted to ride ahead of them, and avoid that stupid thing all together.


Approaching Sawyer's Camp Trail at 30 mile mark

We made pretty good time and we did end up avoiding them.  First stop was at Sawyers Camp for a bathroom stop.  So far, no shoulder pain so all is good.


At Pacifica around the 40 mile mark

Continuing on, the temps were fairly warm. It was warm enough for us take off arm and knew warmers, but we’ll see how it is when we get to Pacifica. We went northbound along Skyline, but did take one detour through residential section of Pacifica to avoid some ugly parts of the route. Otherwise, if it was just me, I would have just continued straight on Skyline.

My shoulder felt a little pain at this point, bit figured let’s just ride on and see how it feels. We made it to the Cliffhouse and onto Land’s End, and this is our half way point on our out and back. This is the scenic party of the ride. Now you can see why I wanted to do this route.


At Land's End Mile 52


After a break, refueling, we head back. Shoulder pain is gone, but my lack of fitness is settling in now. Started to feel some lower back pain, indicative of weak core. I can’t blame this on the accident, and now it’s just a matter of fitness. At least I’ve got my body to get used to the long distances. It’s funny how you could do all these hard hill rides, which total less than 70 miles, but it doesn’t prepare you for the long distance training.


Caught up with Marco on the road.

Around the 75 mile mark, we hooked up with Marco on the road. It’s been a long time since the 3 of us rode together, so this was sweet.

I think my body settled into the pain around the 85 mile mark. Interesting how the human body can react to certain levels of pain and adapt to it. Although we did take a few stops (Sawyer’s Camp and Robert’s Market in Woodside).

Made it home, 102 miles and 6000 feet climbing later ( Now my body knows how it feels so I a little better about my training. One more like this next week, and I think I’ll be ready for Solvang.

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3 Responses to Finally Got My First Century of the Year In

  1. Weather is making my long rides few and far between. Good job on the cneutry

  2. nice haven’t yet done a full century yet, did a half fondo last year at the seaotter and loved it, i live about an hour and a half from solvang and have been wanting to do that ride. still look for a new bike hope to be back on the road in a couple weeks

  3. always i used to read smaller posts that also
    clear their motive, and that is also happening with this article which I am reading at this time.

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